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Self Care Kit (NEW)

Self Care Kit (NEW)

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The SELF CARE KIT was formulated specifically to target oily, shiny, textured skin, sun damaged and blemishes. It addresses other skin concerns like enlarged or clogged pores.

What's included:  Turmeric & Kojic Cleanser 4 oz, Honey Oatmeal Beauty Bar 4 oz, Turmeric Scrub 2 oz, Tea Tree Toner 4  oz, and Goddess Glow Rose Oil 1/3 oz. 

Key Benefits:

Kojic acid may lighten skin and improve the appearance of blemish spots, age spots and skin that is sun damaged 

Turmeric lightens pigmentation, minimize scars, and even skin tone.

Tea Tree calms inflammation, reduce acne scars, swelling.


  • Kojic Acid - Naturally Brightens Skin
  • Licorice - Soothes and Brightens Skin
  • Lemon Essential Oil - Naturally Brightens Skin and kill harmful bacteria.
  • Papaya - Moisturizes, Clears Pigmentation, Reduces wrinkles, Treats eczema, Controls breakouts
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